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Assembly Language for x86 Processors (Sixth Edition)

Assembly Language

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Assembly Language for x86 Processors, Sixth Edition, teaches assembly language programming and architecture for Intel and AMD processors. It is an appropriate text for the following types of college courses:
• Assembly Language Programming
• Fundamentals of Computer Systems
• Fundamentals of Computer Architecture

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MIPS Assembly Language Programming

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Robert Britton

This book is targeted for use in an introductory lower-division assembly language programming or computer organization course. After students are introduced to the MIPS architecture using this book, they will be well prepared to go on to an upper-division
computer organization course using a textbook such as “Computer Organization and Design” by Patterson and Hennessy. This

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Introduction to 80X86 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture



A computer can be viewed from many different levels, and used for many different functions, such as the creation of new application software. However, an actual computer works at an even lower level than this. Introduction to 80×86 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture divides its emphasis between the assembly-language/machine-language level of computer operations and the architectural level, that is, the level defined by the machine instructions that the processor can execute.

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Professional Assembly Language


Richard Blum

Assembly language is one of the most misunderstood programming languages in use. When the term assembly language is used, it often invokes the idea of low-level bit shuffling and poring over thousandpage instruction manuals looking for the proper instruction format.

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